“SEA” на русском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
sea water waters waves blue flood
excitement unrest agitation emotion worry sea
wave tide sea wash roller
rush flow high tide flood boss sea
огромное количество
sea oodles ocean ream
имя прилагательное
nautical sea marine maritime naval salt
seaside maritime sea littoral seaboard tide-water


имя прилагательное

marine ocean oceanic saltwater seawater oceangoing seagoing seafaring maritime naval nautical pelagic

имя существительное

ocean drink briny salt chuck deep main foam

примеры использования

He said it tasted of dates and sea salt.

Someone had once called it a sea.

“There are other Fae on the continent itself, so why bother to cross the sea to take yours?

The wind in his face made him think of being at sea.

”The pair walked on toward the sea.

Eventually, life crawled out of the sea and onto the land, where it became a slave to gravity on the frontier known as the earth’s surface and formed new chains of existence.

After his arrival, and the creation of our kingdom from so many disparate bands of lost souls, it was Karsa’s bulwark against the sea.

The sea drays stampeded.

Well then, Sivan, I am first t’varr to a sea lord, and now you can take me back where I belong.

The sea breeze brought the stench of blood, mud, and gunpowder smoke.

He was salvaged from the sea of blood by a yank of tremendous strength.