“PARTY” на русском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
group party bunch class series cohort
party participant member partner participator partaker
party game batch lot part installment
side party hand part way aspect
party evening reception soiree entertainment rave
detachment squad party troop band order
company bunch party partnership gang crew
subject person party specimen merchant bozo
званый вечер
party soiree entertainment
partner accomplice accessory accessary party associate
individual person personage party worthy
прием гостей
party setout do at-home
сопровождающие лица
entourage party
command team instruction crew squad party
man person human individual human being party
имя прилагательное
party political


имя существительное

(social) gathering (social) function get-together affair celebration after-party festivity reception at-home frolic soirée carousal carouse fete bash shindig rave do shebang bop hop blast wingding


celebrate have fun enjoy oneself have a party have a good/wild time go on a spree rave it up carouse make merry go out on the town paint the town red whoop it up let one's hair down make whoopee live it up have a ball

примеры использования

Anne did a little business with truffle hunters looking for the delectable funguses in the forest, the occasional hunting party from the cities looking for something more thrilling than deer, and the handful of peddlers who made an adequate living freighting goods out to the frontier, but most of her customers were locals who preferred her cooking to their own or who had a hankering for some company along with their ale or cider.

There was no soil so high up on the mountain and no growth that could give away more details, but he was confident a very large party had rested there.

”Behind him, the party began to do what they could to prepare, putting weapons on their backs, pushing aside their cloaks, taking off their gloves, and cinching their packs tight so they didn’t jostle around as they climbed.

She wanted to change into her bathing suit before they met up with friends at Layla’s swim party.

Then, he began describing how they should ascend, where the finger- and toeholds were, and giving the party what pointers he could.

He couldn’t figure what it meant, that a large party had camped at the top of the gully while a dozen more had been trapped and killed below.

With satisfaction, Rew noted that they were fleeing away from the tower, away from his party and the miners.

”Rew glanced over his shoulder at the party that trailed behind him.

The party in which Eris and Briallyn had traveled had dispersed, nowhere to be seen along the lake.

Zaine would strike as many as she could with her arrows, and then Rew would come at them from behind as the party held the attention of the narjags.

She’d meet up with her friend Taryn, whose parents had a cabin down the street from the hosts of the graduation party.