“FOOLISH” на русском языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
stupid silly foolish fool dumb dull
stupid foolish idiotic fatuous cockeyed cockscomb
reckless foolish unreasonable foolhardy rash thoughtless
nonsensical senseless meaningless pointless mindless foolish


имя прилагательное

stupid silly idiotic witless brainless vacuous mindless unintelligent thoughtless half-baked harebrained imprudent incautious injudicious unwise ill-advised ill-considered impolitic rash reckless foolhardy daft dumb dim dimwitted halfwitted thick crack-brained crackpot pea-brained wooden-headed dumb-ass chowderheaded

примеры использования

“Such bonds are foolish.

Don’t risk yourself on something so foolish as carrying armor up a sheer rock wall.

Joy would laugh at Taryn if she didn’t feel foolish.

“You make me sick with your foolish laughter,” Curtin yelled at him in anger.

No one would be foolish enough to betray Prince Valchon in such a manner.

You can’t be foolish enough to think we’d tell you all of them, but I can assure you they don’t involve using the Trove.

“We didn’t actually take anything, and it’s foolish to hold us here any longer than necessary.

Through them all, the Elemental Men flashed and flickered, appearing and vanishing, cutting down anyone foolish enough to raise a weapon against them.

“That would be foolish.

Knowing what you do, you may think me foolish for driving out the gods and precipitating this crisis, but my work was unfinished.

“I have come in search of the Brass God,” Rel said loudly and clearly, feeling foolish for it.