“STRANDED” на польском языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
na mieliźnie
stranded hard-and-fast
abandoned desolate forsaken derelict forlorn stranded


имя прилагательное

beached grounded run aground high and dry shipwrecked wrecked marooned



примеры использования

When antimatter stranded from the world of the dead comes into contact with the living, it causes a voidout.

There was a funny little message on it—“Be stranded with love”—handwritten and signed.

And if you kill her…”“You’ll save the world, but you’ll be stranded outside of it.

“Be stranded with love.

Because of all this chaos and confusion beyond imagination stranded on their shore…“Help me, Sam,” she begged internally.

She’d taken them by surprise and stranded her killers outside.

As you know, the Death Stranding is named after the fact that the phenomenon stranded the dead in this world.

But it was also strewn with the stranded carcasses of whales, dolphins, and other sea-dwelling creatures that Heartman didn’t recognize.

The last few stranded Taiytakei left in the dragon yard fell to his knife.

The dead crossed from the depths of the sea to the Beach and became stranded.

“I would have been stranded here all day.