“YAHOO” на казахском языке



имя существительное

redneck boor lout oaf barbarian Neanderthal brute thug clod roughneck


wahoo yippee hooray hurrah hallelujah bravo hot dog whoopee yay yee-haw

примеры использования

I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then, yahoo !

After months of eating raw fish, facing thirst, sharks, and other terrors, Pi finds himself on an island - yahoo !

Doesn't this simply reflect that the soccer hooligans and other yahoos have turned it into a symbol of bigotry?

Would it be a land of civilised horses and violent yahoos ?

Would-be entertainers with an almost hallucinatory shortage of talent would enact their dismal showbiz fantasies before an audience of hostile yahoos .