“STRICT” на казахском языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
strict severe fierce grim ruthless


имя прилагательное

precise exact literal faithful accurate rigorous careful meticulous pedantic

примеры использования

We wear the robes mostly from tradition, not strict rules.

The security settings for these records were unusually strict.

It is a strict rule of Mexican bandits and of Mexican soldiers fighting bandits or revolutionaries that no attack be made by either side while they have their meals.

The shadowsinger was away today, but the priestesses he usually trained had been left with a strict lesson plan.

Qurion handed off the dracons to a terrified kennel maid, with strict instructions on their care.

I hope you learn quick ’cause we on a strict schedule back here and ain’t nobody got time to show you nothing more than once.