“HEAD” на казахском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное


имя прилагательное

chief principal leading main first foremost prime premier senior top highest supreme superior top-ranking ranking

имя существительное

skull cranium crown nut noodle noggin dome


lead be at the front of be first lead the way

примеры использования

Cassian walked around the table and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

Sam shook his head.

After that the night was over fast, and he woke with a throbbing head in the blue predawn to the trumpeting calls of the modalmen; a couple of dozen greeting the dawn in the desert had been loud, a valley full nearly killed him with fright.

Behind her, the quarterly sales report glows on her monitor beside an open email from the department head congratulating her on the success of Judy’s Lip Rouge.

A quick inspection in the dim light revealed that though her friend remained unconscious, the wound on Emerie’s head had stopped bleeding.

Blood streamed from a cut to his head.

’ She cocked her head.

The kelpie’s head twitched, fingers convulsing in the grass.

Its head snaked around; it gaped and hissed and sped at her, flippers propelling it through the rookery at frightening speed.

Then she turned her head and looked away and slowly walked back inside the gondola – slowly because beneath the weight and bulk of the headdress anything else was impossible.

When I realise I’m shivering I head back to the shore.