“FLASH” на казахском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
flash glare
лап ету


имя существительное

flare blaze burst gleam glint sparkle flicker shimmer twinkle glimmer


light up shine flare blaze gleam glint sparkle burn blink wink flicker shimmer twinkle glimmer glisten scintillate glister coruscate

имя прилагательное

flashy gaudy meretricious tawdry tacky cheap gimcrack loud garish brassy tatty trashy

примеры использования

Bellepheros caught a flash of the sun as Zafir brought her fist hard into the man’s back.

’ A second thunderous flash of lightning deafened and half-blinded him, but he was still moving and his axe was swinging around his head, and the two Taiytakei in front of him were gawping like a pair of old men, too busy wondering why their lightning hadn’t killed him to be thinking straight.

The flash blinded her too, but she saw the dragon for an instant, burned into her eyes by the light, head low, looking at her, fangs poking from its mouth like a crocodile’s, crouched low and ready to spring.

A last flash of lightning struck the dragon’s neck.

” He’d seen every horrific memory flash before Nesta’s eyes today.

She felt the hatchling laugh at her challenge and then caught the flash of a face as Diamond Eye smashed into the ground and the hatchling darted away.

”Nesta’s chin dipped in the barest of nods, and from the corner of his eye, he spied a flash of her teeth as she bit her bottom lip.

For the briefest moment, he had a flash of insight into what sort of monster his ambition was making him, but ambition was all he had.

In the flash of it she saw something move in the shadows, too fast and too large to be a man.

There was a flash of light in the center of the vortex, followed by a clap of thunder as loud as a dragon’s roar.

”In a flash the knife sank into his prey’s bloodied flesh, laying his cheek open to the bone.