“FEED” на казахском языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
feed bait
тамақ беру


имя существительное

fodder food forage pasturage herbage provender comestibles


give food to provide (food) for cater for cook for bung tip

примеры использования

Hares, birds, squirrels, and other small creatures are what the simians feed on most often.

So I want to find answers on my own—rather than what my father tries to feed me.

He had no doubt what they were for: to feed his eyrie.

The Elder used to refer to himself as a parasite, but now it was America’s turn to exploit his shelter and feed off him.

The beasts did not feed often; they could receive a body every ten years and make it last, going into hibernation between meals.

And yet I seem to remember that Queen Shezira managed to feed two hundred dragons at Outwatch and that was in the middle of a desert.

But his family had been hateful, with too many mouths to feed already.

When this was a fortress, that storage below could have held enough food to feed this tower for, I don’t know, six months maybe.

“It’s freezing in this wagon at night, and what they do feed us you don’t want to eat.

She came back to the camp to let him feed a second time if he wanted, but he didn’t seem interested.

‘She flies it; you feed it potions; I’ll find us a way to cross the storm-dark.