“BRIGHT” на казахском языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
open bright frank glamorous


имя прилагательное

shining brilliant dazzling beaming glaring sparkling flashing glittering scintillating gleaming glowing luminous radiant undimmed shiny lustrous glossy


brightly brilliantly intensely undimmed

примеры использования

”That was the bright side of America.

Only the whites of his eyes gave off any light, boring two bright holes into the darkness.

Her skin was rosy in a way he hadn’t seen for a long, long time, her eyes bright.

Tuuran had no idea how anyone could know, but Crazy’s eyes were still bright burning silver, and this was the Crazy Mad who now and then turned people into ash, and Tuuran thought he sometimes did that for no particular reason other than that they were there, and so he was happy to take Crazy’s word for it.

Gwyn, with her bright eyes that sometimes darkened with shadows.

She had on a bright pink clingy halter top that showed the imprint of her nipples, and a pair of pale pink shorts that set off her brown skin just right.

Even Cassian’s bright happiness had faded.

Cassian apparently felt the same, as he’d scarcely spoken these last few minutes, his eyes blazing bright.

Down a street he glimpsed a bright market.

The sandstone is painted in a myriad of bright colors.

She took her time circling the walls, gazing up at the bright glitter of the glasships above, counting them, counting the stars, looking to see if they were the same.