“BE” на казахском языке


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exist have being have existence live be alive have life breathe draw breath be extant

имя существительное

beryllium glucinium

примеры использования

He wore his hair too long to be called short, where the ends curled up off his neck.

”“Tate and I have said what needs to be said,” claimed the ranger.

Should he dig that carcass in or would it be a waste of time?

“Who ever thought that these gringos would be such dirty skunks, cheating even a poor Mexican tanner?

But he had to wonder how they knew he would be delivering this equipment and how they had guessed the route he would take.

The baron’s family may be a talented line of necromancers, but a wraith is a two-edged knife, Alsayer.

“This would be much easier if you gave yourself the chance to enjoy this, Dylan.

She had been born alone, and would die alone, and this awful male would be the one to kill her—Thunder cracked, and the entire mountain shook with its impact.

He explained that as often as he could, he selected those that could be used in both.

“We’d hoped you could summon more than five, but so old, they will be quite powerful.

And so, for reasons that he almost grasped but never would, he found himself pursuing murder yet again, many years after he thought he would be done with it.