“WAIST” на немецкии языке


другие переводы

имя существительное
waist waistline midriff middle
middle section midsection middle waist


имя существительное

middle midriff abdomen waistline

примеры использования

From the waist up it had a torso reminiscent of a man’s, with a pair of massive arms and heavy hands.

The tags on the ID strand around his waist and on his cargo were scanned more rigorously than when he had first entered the facility.

He wrapped them around her waist.

He grasped her waist and tossed her high.

She still had her lightning wand at her waist and three unmoulded glass spheres in her pockets.

Cassian didn’t give Nesta the chance to see him as he soared down the alley, snatched her around the waist and beneath the knees, and swept them into the sky.

He wrapped his towel around his waist and sat beside her.

Gone was the ill-suited black dress from the ball, replaced by a gown of amethyst velvet, her hair half-up and curling down to her waist.

The world quieted, and she stared and stared at him as he slowly pulled the blankets down to her waist.

Thousands of sea drays roosted at the northern end of the bay, nesting on conical piles of rocks the height of Ilona’s waist.

” His golden hair swayed down to his waist as he backed away again.