“OCCASIONAL” на немецкии языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
occasional sporadic
occasional isolated scattered stray
zu der Gelegentlichkeit verfasst
zu dem Anlass verfasst


имя прилагательное

infrequent intermittent irregular sporadic odd random periodic uncommon rare isolated few and far between sometime

примеры использования

He looked confused and scared, like his best friend had suddenly mentioned that he had wings and spent the occasional afternoon flying.

Just aesthetically interesting rocks and carved cliffs and giant statues and the occasional long-abandoned ruin.

”She didn’t know how long she lay in his arms, but aside from the occasional passing car and the hum of highway traffic several hundred yards away, it was quiet.

It so happened that a monk came that way, a holy person who understood well how to live on the hospitality of the Indians without giving them more in return than an occasional story about events supposed to have taken place between two and three thousand years ago, concerning people entirely different from the Indians.

The city below barely drew any closer through the occasional slitted windows she passed.

It was veiled from sight beneath writhing shadows and the occasional passing star glinting in the darkness, but every now and then, a glimpse of a wing or a talon shone.

Of course, Curtin would speak to the storekeeper and to other men hanging around in the store, but they knew nothing beyond the affairs of their little community_an occasional murder, a wife-beating, the mysterious disappearance of a cow or a goat, the strange dryness of the present season.

He traced it by subtle signs: blocks of worked stone turned up by the trees’ thrusting roots and the occasional cut in the landscape.

Anne did a little business with truffle hunters looking for the delectable funguses in the forest, the occasional hunting party from the cities looking for something more thrilling than deer, and the handful of peddlers who made an adequate living freighting goods out to the frontier, but most of her customers were locals who preferred her cooking to their own or who had a hankering for some company along with their ale or cider.

He could wheel in the woman Trassan used as an occasional mistress behind Veridy’s back, or the doxy he bedded at his sister Katriona’s revel.

She watches the occasional car pass on Route 66 and the steady flow of traffic on Interstate 40 visible in the distance.