“(HIDDEN)” на немецкии языке


другие переводы

имя прилагательное
hidden concealed covert disguised secret veiled
hidden concealed latent dormant inner ulterior
still tranquil quiet silent calm dormant


имя прилагательное

concealed secret undercover invisible unseen out of sight closeted covert secluded tucked away camouflaged disguised masked cloaked


conceal secrete put out of sight camouflage lock up stow away tuck away squirrel away cache stash

примеры использования

Many of them toiled gladly in the dark underworld of Perus, driving a hundred yard wide diagonal shaft downward into the city’s hidden depths, where the last functioning World Gate on the continent lay hidden.

For some reason they killed here only those passengers who tried to resist them, and wounded by clubbing or stabbing those who were not quick enough to hand over all they had or who tried to hold out gold pieces hidden away somewhere.

Another crossbow twanged, and the bolt blasted into the table, but Rew was completely hidden behind the bulky furniture, and no one had a line on him until he crashed into the thieves’ own hiding spot.

Most of them would have hidden behind whatever rudimentary barriers they could quickly erect.

The living statues broke and ran from their positions like a flock of birds scared from a tree, exiting through doors hidden in the room’s plaster mouldings.

His robes were covered with a waxed cloak; the distinctive haircut of his order hidden under a hat.

And the dragon saw that it had another name too, a hidden name.

”An orchestra hidden in a screened-in mezzanine began playing.

“They’ve hidden their capabilities from each other, even from me.

”At the sound of these words, though spoke at no great volume, the hidden doors opened, and a troop of soldiers entered, these wearing somewhat more businesslike attire than the human statues of before.

And yes, there are wraiths which haunt them, but those can be found anywhere in the ancient, hidden places of the world.